23 October 2012

A 40USD Cheap Good Tablet PC in India

Trust India to make real cheap tablet PC. Available now is a US$40 tablet PC, Ubislate 7Ci. Made by London based Datawind, it is aimed for India students. The average Indian makes $200 / month, so this is a affordable by Indian standard. The sales of Apple product in India is very small, only about 1 percent of all handset sales in India. It is fascinating that India wants to also enjoy tablets, despite their individual economy situation.

The specification for Ubislate 7Ci includes 800-by-480-pixel touchscreen, Android 4.0.3, a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, and 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, USB port, headphone jack, mic, front-facing camera, and Wi-Fi. Nothing fancy, however it is good enough for daily use.


The tablet itself is part of government program to equip every Indian student with a tablet. The cost of assembly is estimated at $37. So there is a margin of $3. However with 2.5 millions unit ordered, that $3 turns out to US$ 7.5 million profit. So, there is money to be made in cheap good tablet PC market.


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