21 October 2012

Nexus 7 32GB Available Now 8 GB to go on firesale

Google Nexus 7 is now available in 32GB configuration at Staples. It is priced at $250. This is the same price as the old 16GB, which means that the 16GB will soon be sold at $199. While the 8GB will be sold for even less. There are proof already of customer purchasing the 32GB version. This is before Google announcement on October 29th, which hints at new Google Android OS and or tablet.

Google Nexus 7 itself is a great gaming device. However in its current 8GB and 16GB configuration, not a lot of games can be stored inside the tablet. Google Nexus 7 is a collaboration between Google and Asus.
This tablet has been advertised as a great mobile gaming machine; it has all the specs to be one, and games run smooth as silk, but it lacks one thing. A major one, at that – internal storage is just not enough for the device to hold more than a few HD games, especially for owners of the 8 GB version. To make it more complicated, the 7-inch affordable tablet does not feature a microSD slot. 

Google Nexus 8GB is rumored to be discontinued. This means there will be a firesale (clearance sale) coming soon.
The photo also suggests that the 8GB model will go on clearance on Oct. 30. Good news for those looking to snatch up the low-end device for a low price before it disappears. 
Image Credit: Android Police via Techradar 

Of course, not many stores have the 8GB in stock. You still must shop around to see which shop still have it in stock. Who knows you might get it for $99. A real bargain! Happy hunting!

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