09 November 2012

Effect of Google Nexus pricing on cheap tablets

Google is brewing a storm of its own. With the recent release of Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and Nexus 7 in July, Google is sending a message to Android tablet manufacturers: "Step up on your quality". The aggressive pricing of Google Nexus product line, together with high quality build of Nexus is forcing Android tablet OEM to rethink their product.
Local media reports said Taiwanese telecom operators and mobile device enthusiasts were astounded by the low prices being offered by Google for its sleek new gadgets. 
They were quoted as predicting that Google's new hardware, including the Nexus 4 smartphone, new Nexus 7 tablets that come in new Wi-Fi models, and Nexus 10 tablets, will create strong competition for their rivals. 
"Google's pricing strategy is amazing and could stir up a superstorm in the consumer electronics market ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season," one market analyst forecast. 
Market research firm Digitimes Research also said that Google has offered high-end products at cheap prices that will pile pressure on their competitors. 
Source: Focus Taiwan
As we all know, most Android tablet are of questionable quality, only tablets from well known manufacturers such as Samsung and Asus are of excellent build. Those tablets however, do come with a steep price.

The majority of the tablet market are in the low-end market, where price is top consideration. This is why we see a lot of Chinese build tablets with all kind of brand popping up left and right. These tablets are poorly build that using them takes a lot of patience.

Google seems to understand this problem, and are undercutting their competitor by pricing their Nexus product aggressively. Surely we will soon see an improvement in the quality of cheap good tablet.

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