26 December 2012

Acer $99 tablet coming in 2013

Acer, a Taiwanese manufacturer, famous for their cheap and good laptop, desktop and tablets is preparing a $99 tablet PC. With Asus ME172V rumored to be priced at $99, it is a matter of time before other brand manufacturer follows.

At seven inches with a 1024 x 600 resolution screen and 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the so-called Iconia B1 tablet will have somewhat similar specs to Amazon.com Inc’s Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Inc’s Nook Color. But Acer plans to undercut those best-selling tablets’ $139 price tag by offering the Iconia B1 for around $99, the person said. The final shelf price will be determined country-by-country. 
Source: Wall Street Journal Blog

The Acer Iconia B1 Android tablet will be available for emerging markets. No words on US availability for now.
The WSJ is reporting that Acer is planning to launch the Iconia B1 Android tablet for just $99, a major price cut compared to 7-inch tablets like the $159 Amazon Kindle Fire. Unfortunately for U.S. consumers, the company is currently planning on releasing the Iconia B1 in emerging markets, though it has submitted the tablet to the FCC. The launch is designed to combat Asus' rumored low-price Android slate, which is supposedly also due next year, though an Asus spokesperson denied such reports. 
Source: ZDNET
 Well, 2013 is surely going to be an interesting year. Will we see top brand churning out cheap good tablet PC ? Long dominated by poor Chinese tablets ? I certainly hope we do. What do you think ?

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