19 December 2012

DGM Anti-Slip 9-inch Android Tablet T-909

Most cheap tablets covered has been the 7-inch tablets. Today, I present you a 9-inch tablet from DGM. Its main attraction has got to be its anti-slip surface. It is priced at £228.60. Powered by Android 4.0.

The specifications are modest, with ARM Cortex A8 1.2GHz processor and 512MB DDR-3 memory. Storage space is 4GB. The 9-inch screen can output 800x480 images, powered by Mali-400 GPU, standard GPU for bargain tablets.

T-709 is the perfect device for your everyday needs. Plays YouTube videos, games or music. Surf the Internet, read e-books or log in to your favourite social networks. The DGM T-709 is a fully functional tablet that also provides the flexibility that the Android 4.0.3 operating system is known for. 
5 Point Capacitive Touch ScreenThe T-709 is provided with a fully functional capacitive touch screen allowing actions such as zooming in/out and auto screen rotation.  
Supports multi touch control.3D Acceleration: With support for 3D acceleration, be amazed by the smooth game play and graphical capabilities of the T-709. Play all the latest Android games with stunning 3D graphics. 
Flash Support:Supports flash Player 10.3. View web pages with flash graphics smoothly. 
Source: DGM E-Shop
 I found this tablet through Living Social deal. Over 1545 units are sold at the £89. A very good deal, if you ask me.

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