22 December 2012

Geanee ADP-704 Japanese Jelly Bean Tablet

Never fear for lack of cheap good tablet PC. Geanee has just released its 7-inch Android Jelly Bean tablet for the Japanese market.
If you are on a tight budget but dream to get one of these Android 4.1 tablets you should maybe check what Geanee offers here in Japan! Indeed today the company announced the ADP-704, a new 7″ Android tablet that comes with a 1,024×600 resolution, Android 4.1, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory and a powerful Cortex A9 dual Core CPU at 1.5GHz for just 14,800 Yen. While this ADP-704 many not outshine the Nexus 7 in Japan and its stunning raw power/price ratio, the ADP-704 however comes with a microSDHC slot and an HDMI port. 
Source: Akihabara News
The price is a little above US$175.

Image Credit : Geanee

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