06 January 2013

Best Small Tablets Compared

Gizmod has run a comparison test for small tablets, with 7-inch size, including the iPad Mini. The other three tablets are :

  • Barnes & Noble Nook HD
  • Google Nexus 7
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD

All of them are subjected to rigorous use, including strain test for battery lifetime. The tablets tested are the cheapest model, Wi-Fi only models.

Testing MethodologyWe gathered up four of the top small tablets of 2012 and used each of them for weeks. We synced up our accounts, then downloaded apps, books, magazines, and movies. We used them, basically, as if we owned them. 
We did our standard battery rundown test: endlessly streaming Nyan Cat over wi-fi, screen on full, volume at half, Bluetooth off. We feel strongly that real world battery testing is more important, but the rundown test gives us a more objective metric to factor in. For each tablet we tested the cheapest, Wi-Fi only option. 
Source: Gizmodo

Which one is the best ? Go find out on Gizmodo using this link.

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