04 January 2013

Three budget Android Tablet choices

Here are three very good cheap budget Android tablet choices for you to consider:
The Kindle Fire, priced at $199, is Amazon’s Android-based tablet. According to TG Daily, sales of the Kindle Fire have skyrocketed, making it No.2 in the tablet world (second only to the Apple iPad). It has a seven-inch screen, which is standard, if not on the smaller side. The Kindle Fire has been praised for its high-definition display with anti-glare technology and a focus on rich and deep contrast. If you are planning on using your Android tablet for viewing media including photo and video, you’ll also love the Kindle Fire’s exclusive Dolby audio and dual-drive surround sound stereo speakers. Like most tablets, the Kindle Fire has a front-facing camera for taking pictures and video. The Kindle Fire also offers free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon-specific content. 
Another competitive Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2. This tablet starts at $179 and runs on Android’s 4.0 operating system. The Galaxy weighs in at a delicate 12 ounces, and has the same size screen as both the Kindle Fire and IdeaPad. The tablet comes with 8GB of internal memory and a 1Ghz dual-core processor for seamless productivity across multiple applications. The Galaxy Tablet is increasingly making its mark on the tech scene—between October and November of 2012 alone, Samsung reported over 5 million units sold. 
Another Android tablet to consider in this genre is the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1. The IdeaPad runs on Android’s 2.3 operating system and a 1Ghz single-core processor. The standard seven-inch touchscreen is designed with aesthetic appeal at the forefront. Its sleek black hardware is also exceptionally durable, so the IdeaPad is sturdy enough to toss around without the anxiety of breaking your high-tech gadget. It’s a little bit pricier than the other models, but you can find it online for around $215. This model has a camera on each side, which makes it a bit easier to video chat, as well as capture regular photo and video. 
Source: My San Antonio

All of them are under $250 and available right away. Go check them out on your favorite tablet store or check out Amazon for online shopping.

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