04 February 2013

Android Tablets chewing iPad marketshare

iPad created the tablet PC craze and dominate the market, however it looks like Android are rising to challenge iPad dominance.
Apple still has a firm grip on the top spot in the tablet market at 43.6%, but that number is down--way down--from a year ago, when it held more than half of all tablet market share at 51.7%. At the same time, Samsung saw its tablet market share explode from 7.3% to 15.1%, representing a 236% increase in year-over-year shipments in Q4. For as incredible as Samsung’s growth is, however, ASUS’ is staggering; the company saw 402.3% growth, from about 600,000 units to 3.1 million, thanks largely to sales of the Google Nexus tablet, and it now holds 5.8% market share. 
Source: Hot Hardware
The data reported by Hot Hardware is based on IDC Q4 2012 data. What is interesting is that Asus, the maker of Google Nexus 7 saw 400% growth. While Samsung with its extensive range of tablets saw 236% growth. Apple still king at 43.6%, however it is no longer in control of over 51% of the market.

Looking at Asus growth, it looks like cheap good tablet PC are helping them to grow at an incredible rate. Looking at their MeMO Pad series, it looks like they are going to continue creating cheap and good tablet PC.

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