01 February 2013

RAmos W42 10-inch tablet for $200

The Google Nexus 7 is a very successful tablet, priced at $200. It is however a 7-inch tablet. A chinese company, RAmos is releasing W42, a 9.4-inch tablet for the same price as Google Nexus 7.

So, you get bigger screen for the same price. How about the specs ?
The 9.4" W42 is a uniquely sized tablet, boasting Android 4.0, a Mali-400 GPU, and a Samsung-built quad-core CPU (Exynos 4412). The touch panel packs a 1280x800 IPS resolution, and internally there's 1GB of RAM, 16GB of inbuilt storage, a microSD expansion slot, and front/rear cameras. 
Source: Hot Hardware
While a far cry from Google Nexus 10, it is still pretty good for its price.

Image Credit : Hot Hardware

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