14 February 2013

What Price Is Expensive For Tablets

Here is a very interesting article on tablet price from SlashGear titled "At What Point Do Tablets Become Too Expensive?".

Apple have always been known to produce high quality products at a premium price. But how high will the customer be willing to pay ?

When I first learned that Apple was planning to sell a 128GB iPad, I was excited. For years now, I’ve been waiting for a company to deliver ample storage for all of my videos and movies, and now, Apple is doing it. Although 64GB was nice, it wasn’t enough for someone like me who has all kinds of video. With 128GB, I should be good for at least the next couple of years. 
But then I saw the price. For the Wi-Fi-only version of the 128GB iPad, I’d need to drop $799. For the Wi-Fi-and-cellular model, I’d be set back $929. 
Needless to say, those prices gave me more than just a little sticker shock. Yes, I realize that I’m getting double the storage for only $100 more than the 64GB option, but I can’t help but think that paying nearly $1,000 for a tablet is ridiculous. I’m all for paying a fair price for a high-quality product, but dropping that much cash makes me wonder why I just don’t buy a notebook and be done with it.
Perhaps Apple is killing itself slowly by capitalizing on its own strength ? Who knows...

Android Tablet in the meantime keeps getting cheaper with better quality.

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