14 March 2013

Apps Marketplace Need to Filter Its Apps

Privacy is a major concern right now. Social media and mobile apps are arriving in droves daily. To use them, we do need to provide real life information. It is therefore prone to misuse by the apps providers. A recent article from The Droid Guy indicates that "iOS Apps Collect More Personal Information than Android apps, says Study".

A good take from the article is that both Google and Apple can actually do something about it by filtering apps to use only what is needed.
Apps on App Store as well as Play Store, generally take up more permissions from user than required. For instance- Why does a shooting game need permission to read SMS/ make calls? Why does a newsreader app require permission to capture photos? If Apple and Google could filter the permission owned by each and every app and make sure they only do what they intend to do, maybe we would have less privacy concerns. Also, while downloading/installing, apps should clearly mention what permissions they need and why they need it. Everything should be mentioned in plain, easy-to-understand language. Most people don’t understand complex tech jargons. And, Apple as well as Google should devise mechanisms that prevents apps from identifying user preferences and collecting personal data. 
Source: The Droid Guy
I completely agree with that article, it is the Apps Marketplace Owner task to filter them and requires that apps use permission that is needed. But, I do not think any of them will do it. It takes too much time and strict requirements means less apps.

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