15 March 2013

Asus and Intel Join Together To Create Fonepad

Intel is desperate to enter the tablet market. It has joined forces with Asus to create Fonepad. A 7-inch tablet running Android. There are two main selling point with the Fonepad, it can make phone calls and its price. For $249, it is quite a bargain.
The already blurry line between larger and larger mobile phones and smaller and lighter tablets has now become even fuzzier with Asus’s announcement this week of the “Fonepad,” a 7-inch Android * tablet powered by an Atom™ Z2420 processor platform. Yes, it’s a tablet that makes phone calls. Call it a “phablet.” 
Source: Intel Software Blog
Aside from the 7-inch tablet, Asus is also releasing a 5-inch tablet with similar specs called the Padfone.

The Intel processor used is the Atom family processor, Z2420. A processor that Intel hopes will be able to break into ARM controlled market.

Image Credit : Intel Software Blog

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