20 March 2013

Key Deciding Factor in Choosing Cheap Good Tablet PC

Cheap Good Tablet PC is a growing market, with giants such as Google, Asus and Acer are entering the market with their product lineup. But, what is the key deciding factor in choosing which tablet ?

The key deciding factor is usage. If your primary use of a tablet is reading ebooks, then it's hard to go wrong with the Kindle line, particularly the bright, vivid Kindle Fire HD. It can play movies, it offers a decent Web browser and Netflix streaming -- plus the book reading experience is front and center in the user interface. 
Source: Daily Camera
While the Daily Camera article itself points to Android vs iOS, the argument presented is still valid. The main factor is not actually price, but usage. What is the tablet going to be used for ? The answer for most people is light browsing, e-book reading and entertainment, such as watching movies and listening to music. Thus, the exact requirements are very light and can be met with inexpensive tablet.

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