13 March 2013

Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 8.0 ?

Still on the sideline in buying an Android tablet ? Want to get the Nexus 7 but still holding out for Galaxy Note 8.0 ? Well, check out the specs for specs comparison of those two in iTech Post "Nexus 7 vs. Galaxy Note 8.0: Battle Of The Budget Android Tablets".

Overall, the Galaxy Note 8 is better equipped specs wise, except in the display department. And Galaxy Note has an S pen. The price is expected to be a little more higher than Google Nexus 7.

Personally, I will go with the Nexus 7. It uses plain Android OS, compared to Galaxy Note use of Samsung TouchWiz. Price is also a factor, since Nexus 7 specs is still powerful enough to run any apps you throw at it today, why bother buying a more expensive one with similar specs ?

What is your choice ?

Image Credit : iTech Post

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